Friday, March 24, 2006

TILT 6: Freaky Medical Stuff

TILT 6: Freaky Medical Stuff
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Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by the human body's oxymoronic ability to withstand the seemingly impossible and yet be so fragile. I love the Medical Channel, the TLC channel, and any other channel that shows medical oddities. I've been known to sit and watch thorasic surgery while wolfing down a bowl of ramen without blinking. One of my favorite things to do is guess a diagnosis before they state it on that Mystery Diagnosis show. I also have a crush on the Gregory House character on the series House. Not so much the actor, just the character. He's broody, complicated, and brilliant. Plus he gets to fish around in people's body cavities. Does it get any cooler? Nope.
By the way, that's not my X-ray. It was on display at a museum I visited with my daughter. There was also one of a child's hand with an extra thumb, someone who'd shot themself with a nail gun (the nail had completely penetrated the bone) and a couple of other interesting bits. Emily had to pull me away rather forcefully to get me to move on.


Marcie said...

What the heck is that x-ray showing? Very interesting!

The Paper Doll said...

it's the x-ray of a broken neck I found at a children's museum. It's pretty darn spiffy.