Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What I did(n't) yesterday.

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So I had planned to scan a whole mess of fabrics and stick them on my swap site and make a bunch of stuff...but then the power went out. It was soooooo windy that the whole block's grid got knocked out by...I dunno a flying cow or something. At first I wigged out a bit thinking that I'd flaked on the bill again, but then I saw my neighbors congregating on their back porches and yelling at each other about how they didn't have any power and realized that it wasn't just me. Marshall and I have a tendency to assume that the other has paid the bills. You'd think after 7 years we'd figure a system out, but so far, no go. We're working on it though. We've got that whole "Pay all yer bills online" thing. It's just a matter of remembering to authorise the payments now.
Ok so instead of doing anything productive...I took a nap. But I did manage to scan a few this morning and I'm in the process of posting them on my swapblog. Speaking of swaps...I'm behind. I'm brokish due do an invoicing mixup (remind me to fire my accounts department...oh wait that's me!) but I should have a check by today so I can scoot to the post office and mail EVERYTHING off. And then I'll probably be brokish again. Wow...sometimes working for myself stinks. Did you really want to know all of that? Prolly not, but you do now. Heh.

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Sarah Reed said...

Naps are always good. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!