Monday, November 28, 2005

Insert Title Here

I couldn't think of a clever or even appropriate title today, so you're getting an all purpose one. Checking in quickly with all my favorite blogs (see links to right) I saw that everyone had been so super productive this past weekend/holiday. I too was productive...I just didn't take any pictures 'cuz I'm a frantic bastard. Oh brother, now I have to reboot my machine. It's one of THOSE days.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Things long past

frosty mornings at 7am
all groggy and crusty eyed with sleep
wearing too large clothing of the boyish persuasion
the cloying taste/smell of expended gunpowder, cigar smoke and endless ancient pots of coffee.
Damp cement walls of the pit
grease on ball bearings and chains
the smooth heavy roll of targets and the rhythm of pulling
it all blurs into one smooth motion until all rounds are expended and the competition is over.
The sound of Megadeth pounding through our earplugs and the wry grins shared with the pit master.
The rain on our faces as we looked up to watch new holes being pierced into and through paper and wood.
It's always the simplest routines that we miss later, the ones that we took for granted or even complained about. I'd pay good money now to pull targets the way I did then.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday USMC!

"The Marine Corps was originally created as the 'Continental Marines' during the American Revolutionary War, were formed by a resolution of the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, and first recruited at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Samuel Nicholas."--Wikipedia

Happy Birthday Marines stationed all over the world! Today makes the 230th year of proud and distinguished service to the United States. I want to send a special happy b-day to my husband Marshall and to 1st Lt. Brad Higgins stationed in Iraq. Stay safe, stay away from those 4g turns and keep your rotors on. OOOOORAH!

And just to top things off, check outthis fantastic salute found on It made me all sniffly.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ho Hum

So here's a little vignette into my world. It's about 9:45am EST and I'm still in my jammies, as is Emily and Mya, Mya's down for a nap and Em's doing something in the kitchen that involved paper and I don't know what and really, for the moment I'm sure I'd be better off not knowing. I'm sitting here catching up on work, my favorite blogs and my own blog to the sound of decorative scissors snipping loudly (Em), The Nightmare Before Christmas singing away in the background (we were watching it) and the laptop's thought process chugging away. I've not had breakfast and I've been up for at least an hour, I'm definitely not showered and I don't think I got a chance for one yesterday because everyone else beat me to it. Tam's off to the vet with Blue (they don't allow children under 12 at the vets office) so I'm sitting the kids while Marshall's off getting an oil change and running errands.
If this is every day life, bring it on. I haven't felt this content in months. With Tammy Mya and Blue, we make a complete family. I'm usually so off kilter and confused that I make my family dynamics wobbly and unbalanced. Sure it works, but it's not stable, like a three legged stool with one leg shorter than the others.
Last night we had a friend and her daughter over for dinner. It was Emma's 1st birthday and her daddy is in Irac so he can't be home to see it and her mum, B, who is about 7 months pregnant, was really feeling the empty space. So we all had dinner together and turned the peach cobbler into a birthday cake. I made her a little card and we all signed it. No birthday should go uncelebrated, especially not the 1st one. Emma's official birthday party is this Saturday, but we're going home that day so we'll miss it.
Through all of this is a feeling of fulfillment and domestic bliss. So now I know that once I've been stablized on my meds and we're in a house of our own that I can personalize and maintain in a manner I deam suitable (not in the slapdash, ducttape and spit way our rental is) I too can have a house filled with peace, love, and some semblance of order. I'm really going to have a tough time adjusting when I go home, but hopefully I can carry some of this over into my own home. Sure it's a crooked, lopsided mess, but it's mine for now and I can do my best to make it comfortable. I think I'll start with hanging curtains up in Em's playroom and bathroom.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Live from North Carolina

I missed the submission deadline for the Basic Grey contest. I'm not really sure wether or not I'm put out yet. I'll let you know when I see the results of the winning entry. I think maybe I'm just dissapointed in myself for allowing myself to mope around and not do anything about it. Wah wah wah, whine moan complain.
I did pack quite a bit of my scrapbooking paper collection to bring with me to NC while visiting a fellow scrapper and close friend of the family. Maybe I'll actually get some stuff done. We got quite a few pictures of the kiddos trick or treating last night. Tammy (my scrapping NC buddy) and I made her daughter Mya's first costume. Mya was an acorn. Oh heavens she was cute. Emily (my kiddo) did the default princess fairy thing because mommy was uninspired this year. Well not so much uninspired as confused. Emily wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story 2, a shiny purple dinasour, a fairy princess, and an alien all in the space of a month. Every time I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she'd change her mind so I decided not to make a costume on principle. I don't think I could have born the heartbreak if she had decided she didn't like it. Emily looked fantastic. We did a brief looting of a neighborhood close to Tammy's with a friend of hers and her son who were decked out in midieval garb. Calvin was a knight and he looked ADORABLE. I don't think I've ever seen such a cute group of kids in my life.
I dressed as a pirate because it was the only thing that allowed for my limp and cane. I tried to make a faux peg leg but I couldn't find a large enough piece of brown cardboard. I did make an eyepatch that was pretty funny. Tammy wore a hat that I made to look like a flower with floppy petals. It was pretty darn cute. Tammy got tons of pictures and I can't wait to see them all and make a few layouts with them. So yeah, everything else has been so boring and mundane without my job at the art store that I barely ever have anything to write about. Man do I miss that job, but I can't go back until I can stand around and walk for 8 hours. I can't wait.