Thursday, March 23, 2006

Getting ready for April

Gonna give my local craft stores a rest in April. I can't remember where I stumbled across the "use what you have" idea. It might have been whipup or Flickr, but it seems like a great idea. As someone attracted to textiles, patterns and supplies in general, I'm being pushed out of my office. I had to move the majority of my fabric stash upstairs once I got interested in paper crafting just so that I'd have room to experiment and put my papers.
In order to prepare myself for the long dry spell, I took a brief inventory of my supplies to see what I might actually need (vs. want, drool over, fall in love with) and discovered that I was almost out of pH Neutral glue, Fray Check
and a couple of packages of wooden game pieces for Kokeshi I'm making. Otherwise, I'm probably good for life. I've got enough paper here to make me wonder if I've killed off 10 acres of forrested land, I've got yard and yards of fabric )not including the stuff up in my attic), I've got stuffing, interfacing, pillow forms, thread, embroidery thread, fibers, paints, pigments, inks, beads, needles, colored pencils, stamps, inks, and photos coming out of my ears. If I keep listing, I'll just embarass myself and be forced to realize that I tend to overshop and I'm still in the denial phase of my addiction thank you very much.
So I picked up the Fray Check and the glue and the wooden dollies and some paper get the idea. Then I went online and found all the tutorials that I'd been eyeing but didn't have the time to try. I printed them out (they're listed below) and am ready to start creating. If you don't hear from me for a week or two...I'm under the 5 layers of paint and pile of fabric scraps. Good luck to me!

Wise flower tutorial
Martha's Tomato pincushions
Customized Tape Measure
Flower Pincushion
Wee Bunny
Shrinky Dink Pins


Heather said...

I am trying to use what I have as well.

The Paper Doll said...

Good luck Heather!