Friday, May 20, 2011

Sewing now.

I've been on a sewing kick since I took a pattern making class series last month. I'm determined to not buy any children's clothing for my girls for at least six months. I figure I won't buy anything else until September unless it's absolutely necessary. Right now I'm trying to draft a pattern of a 1930's inspired toddler's dress for Ana and my first try was a failure. I WILL get it right! My successes have been pretty awesome though. I made two pairs of pajamas out of Ana's old receiving blankets. I love them, she seems to tolerate them. I consider that a win win situation. As soon as I figure out how to draft this pattern, I'm going to be making the dresses out of some of Marshall's old dress shirts that he no longer wants. I'm also on a recycling and reusing kick.
The exciting news is that a friend of mine has asked me to create some items for her new baby boutique in town. So far I've made a few of the Latte Changing Pads from the One Yard Wonders sewing project book. I love this book so much! I'm looking forward to making a few more of the projects soon.