Friday, March 10, 2006

Color-iffic Swap Received!!!

Laying out and drooling
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A fantastic green package was waiting for me on the porch when I got home yesterday...the kicker was that I was only home to pick up some paperwork for a meeting and then I had to run off. My restraint was admirable. I didn't tear into the package until after I had located my paperwork.

Included in the package were these fantastic smelling tea bags that scented the whole package. I spent a minute with my nose buried in the scarf just inhaling and imagining that it was the scent of Brazil. Then I made myself a mug and chugged it down because my throat is feeling pretty rough. It totally hit the spot. Highlights from the package include green polkadotted post its, fantastic seed beads, excellent buttons (I already have plans for two of them to become Pointy Kitty eyes), a great little CD case that I totally needed at the moment and best of all were the hand made items. I've already brought the little pouch in to work today and that pin cushion is wonderful!

What really stole my heart was that Adriana added a marble for Emily's collection, and it used to be hers! Adriana, that was the sweetest thing EVER! Thank you sooooo much.
Due to extremely tense and busy circumstances at work I haven't been able to break free to get to the post office, but it WILL get done today because I just don't have a's the 10th, the mailing due date!


Samantha said...

Lucky you!

I have signed up for April's and am looking forward to it.

Adriana Oliveira said...

I'm so glad you liked it!! Reading this has really made it worth!