Monday, March 06, 2006

A weekend of overspending

I am VERY bad with money. When I say bad I mean...TERRIBLE. As soon as I get it I spend it. I went to my in-laws this weekend and Marshall and I almost always go shopping when we visit. I really wanted to go to SchoolHouse Fabrics to match some fabrics I bought recently for Color-iffic but of course, chartreuse really IS impossible to match. Did that stop me from dropping over $100 there? That would be a no. Then it was off to the mall and Target to find shoes and sweaters for the kid. Six pairs of shoes, 11 shirts, 2 sweaters, 1 skirt, 6 pairs of shoelaces, 3 lipbalms, and 2 sets of false eyelashes (look, I've always wanted to try them) later I realized that I barely had any cash left. YIKES! I just got paid on Fri. Sooooo yeah, I've got a pile of stuff to return due to buyers remorse. None of it would be the stuff I got at the fabric store or the stuff I got for the kid. Priorities folks, it's all about the priorities.

I shouldn't really let myself out of the house. On the + side, pictures of my crafty haul and an almost completed Pointy kitty are soon to follow. Good grief. I'm a mess.

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