Thursday, February 16, 2006


I hardly have enough time to breath but I thought I'd write down that I'm in the middle of a HUGE artspace/office/craft room overhaul. I was so inspired by Hillary Lang's fantastic work room overhaul that I decided to revamp my space. WOW! It's alot of work. I pulled everything off shelves and out of cubbies and moved furniture around and purchased storage bits and bobs and I'm still trying to pull myself out from under the mess. I have boxes and bins and stuff strewn all over the place in the dining room and study. I wanted to paint something last night but couldn't because I couldn't find my paints! I also wanted to make two scrapbook layouts but couldn't because I had no space and couldn't find all of my stuff. I wanted to start on the Pointy Kitty pattern Hillary Lang had posted on her blog but couldn't guessed it...I couldn't find the printer to print it out! WAUGH! So tonight, when Hubby and Co. are slaying aliens in the living room, I'm going to be in my space trying to get everything sorted just right so that I can play.

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Samantha said...

Would love to see some photos of your overhaul. My studio need a good tidy up!

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