Monday, February 20, 2006

April's Colorific Inspiration

Flickr has taken over my free time. I have joined two groups that require action by a certain due date. We'll see if I can keep it up. The first one you've already seen,
Things I love Thursdays
. The second is Colorific Swap O Rama. Every month the moderator of the group chooses a color or color scheme theme and we put packages together comprised of that scheme. The moderator chooses partners and sends you your swap buddy. You could be sending your package to Australia and getting one from NJ. It's pretty exciting. March's theme is green, April's theme is green and violet or any permutation thereof. I found the above fabric at a local craft store and immediately knew that it was my inspiration for April. March is getting ready to be packed up and sent off at the end of the week. I really hope my partner likes it.


Samantha said...

I have also signed up for that swap. I shall have to get rifling through my fabric stash and see what I come up with!

joy madison said...

I don't need to join any more swaps...but I love that color one!!!

jme said...

I just joined too! I can't wait! It's all so exciting and I just can't hide it!!!