Saturday, February 18, 2006

I must be unstable.

The Reworking 2
The Reworking 2,
originally uploaded by The Paper Doll.
I think I must have been dropped on my head as a small child. What on Earth whas I thinking when I started cleaning my office out? I think there was some grand delusion about being more organised and therefor more productive...or inspired...or something. Ok so right now I can definitely see the benefit of having more floorspace to be able to set up my Oma's card table as a sewing table, and have the ironing board set up, and be able to leave my paper projects on my desk undisturbed while I go about my sewing projects. Too bad I can't get to any of those projects because I can't find any of them. *sigh* I'm going to bed.

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joy madison said...

ACK!!!! the dreaded "cleaning out"