Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What's the Haps?

So perhaps I should update. Since the last post I conceived a child, had said child, made some stuff, and started renovations on the house. Supposedly the renovations are for my new studio space so I can actually have clients come over but all we've gotten done is the upstairs bathroom and even that's not finished. We DO have nifty stairs to the attic though. The attic being where my studio space is supposed to be. I say supposed because every time I turn around my husband is talking about more stuff that he plans on putting up there. Not. Cool.

There are many things that I've made since my last post, and I really need to post some catch up photos. As soon as I take said catch up photos. Until then I'll leave you with the news that I'll soon be teaching scrapbook technique classes as well as hosting crops at least once a month. YAY! I'm really excited about it. Other happy news (other than my new daughter, who has me wrapped around her tiny little finger), I am now a member of the Cricut Circle. Yay for the insider scoop! More details to follow as soon as I have them.

Now I'm off to fiddle around with the Gypsy, my 32nd birthday gift to myself. Ta!

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