Monday, July 26, 2010

Current Desktop Mess

Current Desktop Mess
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So it's that time again. Time to go through my studio, get rid of the stuff I'm not using and make use of the stuff I have. Recently I've gone on a crafty purchase binge. What can I say, Michael's had the cricut cartridges on sale at deeply discounted prices. Not to mention suddenly being able to get out of the house after a long and difficult pregnancy that kept me stuck in bed for most of the time. I was overdue for a craft binge. Now that I've been cut off, I'm gearing up to Use What I Have. That's right folks, I've signed up for the August 2010 Use What You Have Challenge. For the month of August I will buy no unnecessary craft supplies. I'm only allowing adhesive and replacement blades. I'll just have to make due with what I have, which is quite a lot. I doubt I'll be suffering.

Who's with me?

Check it out here:

Good Luck!

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