Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cricut Circle Use What You Have August 2010 Challenge Charm

I haven't gotten much response on the Circle forum for the August Use What You Have Challenge, so I'm upping the ante. Everyone who makes it through the challenge gets a new charm for their bracelet! It's a cute little circle tag with an A for August and a chunk of Peridot (August's birth stone). Mind you it's not high quality peridot, but it's cute and I think it's very appropriate. Good luck challengers!


L.B. said...

Love this challenge idea and the charm is such a great idea. I signed up on the MB and I am pumped. I will make it I will make it (I want that charm)

Sasha said...

You can do it! That charm is as good as on your bracelet!

**Treefrog** said...

Okay where do I find the challenge post, LOL! Love the charm and Love the peridot, it's my birthstone, yes I am an August girl, B-day is next week. If you could give me some info I would love to do it if not to difficult, I have LOTS going on this month. Also how long do we have for the challenge? Thanks, Theresa (**Treefrog** on the MB)
mccadesmom at gmail dot com.

Sasha said...

Treefrog, here's the link:

Sign ups are closed but I'm willing to make one last exception so long as you haven't bought any new craft supplies since July 31st. Take the time to check it out and good luck!