Friday, June 05, 2009

End of the year Teacher's Gifts

YAY! I finished them in the nick of time! I didn't get to bed until 5 am this morning. I am so riding the high of sleep deprivation, which is good because it's distracting me from the fact that my little brother is recovering from colon surgery. It was this or pace the floors, so I'm glad my girl asked me to make something for each of the teachers in her life. She's so sweet and kind hearted, she didn't want to exclude anyone. Of course that means more work for me, but I was happy to do it, and she helped a bit. She made bookmarks for all the male teachers. She's a cool kid. I also purchased a new cartridge for the Cricut that I've wanted for a very long time. Tags, Bags, Boxes & More. I can't wait to play with it, but I can barely think straight. I hope to play with it more this weekend. I'm going to go lay down.

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