Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still plugging away.

You never really realize how much stuff you accumulate until you decide to clean house. Today my craft cleaning task turned to my stamp collection and man! I have so many stamps! Ever since I discovered clear photo-polymer stamps, I've been neglecting my old wood mount stamps so I decided to go through them. One shoe box later of discards and I began to wonder what I really do with them all. How often do I go back and use the ones I have? How often to I go out and buy new ones for specific projects? Have I even used all of the stamps I own? Since this month has been my Cricut Use What You Have challenge to use carts you've bought but never used, I think next month I'll challenge myself to use stamps that I haven't ever used before. Thing is, I think I'll need more than a month to get through it all. I have three 3" binders full of sheets of photo-polymer stamps and about 8 drawers and one shelf of wood mounted stamps. It's enough to make a girl wonder. Do I create or am I really just collecting art and craft supplies. I think I'm going to need about 3 months of UWYH to feel like I'm actually using what I've been buying. Maybe more. What a glut of stuff! Don't even get me started on albums. I've got a drawer and a half of albums I haven't even started. I just bought them because they were on sale and I liked them. ENOUGH! I need to get the unused stuff out of my house before I bring anything else in. Not that getting rid of my excess is an excuse to buy more. If anything it should be a lesson in not buying what I don't need. I'm going to re-evaluate my mess at the end of the month and decide just how much I want to purge. Until then I'm just going to keep plugging along with the challenges and avoiding craft shopping like the plague. Wish me luck!

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