Thursday, January 26, 2006

Me Want!!

I found this super adorable "unazukin" on Jlist today and I have to say, I totally want it. Here's a description of what it does, taken from the site iteself:

"Unazukin is the latest interactive toy from Bandai -- a small "fairy" that is actually a good listener. The voice activated doll actually reacts to your voice, nodding and shaking her head whenever appropriate. Battery powered (the battery is included -- make sure to remove the protective slip first) with an on off switch, the cute two inch high doll has four different movements, shaking head back and forth once or twice; and nodding once or twice, An adorable toy that makes a great gift or a display item. This doll is part of the Nature series -- named "Star", she is red emblazoned with white stars. "

Hah, finally, someone to listen to me! They had a bunch of little cute ones in the Nature series, a yellow one with flowers, a blue one with big round circles, a white one with rainbow stripes...but it's the red one that I want. For $12, that's not bad.

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Linda said...

I love these too. Let me know if you find a retailer, I've had no luck.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)