Thursday, January 26, 2006

Inspiring Images from Craft Books

Shelf O Craftbooks
Shelf O Craftbooks,
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I've been part of a Flickr group called Inspiring images from Craft Books and I have to say that it's hightened my awareness of craft books. I have quite a few as you can see, but I'm always trolling around for some really good resources to keep me inspired. I recently spent an afternoon at Barnes and Nobles sifting through craft books in order to find a few that I would like. Here's a list of all of the ones that really interested me.

Papercrafts & Stamp It: Treasury of Tips and Tricks. ISBN 1-57486-572-2

Vintage-Style Quilts
ISBN 1-58011-172-6

Simply Beautiful Beading
ISBN 1-58180-563-2

Summer Crafts
ISBN 1-59258-131-5

Sashiko, Japanese Traditional Hand Stitch
ISBN 1-889682-37-3

Felt Crafts
ISBN 1-84476-189-4

Collage Sourcebook
ISBN 1-59253-101-6

Designer Style Jewelry
ISBN 0-8230-2601-9

Fabulous Fabric Flowers
ISBN 4-88996-192-5

Colorful Stitchery
ISBN 1-58017-611-9

In total, it will cost me about $340 to buy them all at bookstores. Maybe I should look into buying some of them used online.

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