Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cupcakes + Melt & Pour Frosting = Mess

Marshall has been craving desserts so I told him I'd bake a cake, which then got edited to cupcakes for ease of eating. The only frosting I had on hand was the Melt and Pour stuff and cake without frosting to Marshall is no cake at all. The batch on the left was frosted via the pour method. Not so good. The batch on the right was frosted via the dip method. Take cupcake, invert and dunk in frosting. Those look much nicer, but the stuff is still messy. I also had enough batter left over to make a very thin sheet cakelett which I then took cookie cutters to. All around a fun project, but I doubt I'll do it again for a while.

How not to frost cupcakes. Posted by Picasa

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