Sunday, April 05, 2009

Recipe Book WIP

Recipe Book WIP
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Thanks to Jess of Sassy Ink Designs, I've been inspired to tidy up my recipe binder. I'd like it to have a vintagy 1940's-'50's feel. We'll see how that goes. So far I have the recipes sorted by category and type and put in page protectors. It looks like this is going to take more than one binder though. These are all recipes I started collecting when I first got married. I haven't tried them all but I would like to. Maybe I'll do that this year, introducing a new recipe every week. I can't predict how that will go. My husband and daughter both are very picky eaters. At least I know that I'll eat it, no matter what. So will my BFF G. She likes my cooking.


Jess Lundahl said...

Your cover turned out so nicely. Very retro.

Sasha said...

I can't wait to trick out my kitchen all retro!