Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wooooooooooo Inchies!

Par Avion
Originally uploaded by The Paper Doll
My first evar group of Inchies. I turned them into a collage on vintage ledger paper. I know it's not archival but I'm sure I can spray the heck out of it with archiving spray. I think I'm going to find a frame for it in a couple weeks. I definitely need to go frame shopping soon. I've got all these little bits of things I've made and not framed. It's kind of embarrassing. When people find out that I have a studio and make things they always seem surprised. Mostly because I have very little on display in my home. I shall remedy this! This year! There WILL be my art on my walls and shelves, count on it!



Olive Juice Studio said...

I love this just the way it is! Have you considered adding it to a canvas with the ledger paper underneath? This is really cool!

Don't give up! Keep entering contests/challenges if that's what you enjoy doing! Otherwise, keep devoting time to your blog like you are doing because people do appreciate the work other's share!

I'm now a follower!


Sasha said...

Wowee Zowee thanks! This piece is actually getting ready to hang in one of my friend's cafe/bakery.