Friday, March 27, 2009

Testing flowers for a centerpiece

Paper Flower Bouquet
Originally uploaded by The Paper Doll
So I'm swamped. I'm swamped for the next month. It's good, but it's also crazy. This past week I volunteered for not one but three things. Why? Because I'm a moron. That's why.
I have to say though, I'm enjoying it. I just don't enjoy running around like a lunatic. The good news is that one of those volunteer activities is done. I volunteered to answer phones for a local station's (WNRN) fund drive. I did that for two mornings in a row and really had fun. After that I'd scoot over to a warehouse to help a friend sort through old merchandise for the sale at a yardsale to benefit a music resource center for da youts. There's supposed to be a big VIP dinner to benefit the same charity and I'm making the centerpieces for the tables.
That's where the paper flowers come in. I've got to make quite a few. I guess I'd better get started.

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