Sunday, February 01, 2009

Caturday update.

So yesterday we went on the hunt for our soon to be kitty. M decided he was not overly fond of Lil B, which made me sad, but it's better to make sure all family members can agree to the cat, even if ultimately the cat is mine. Of course I would prefer that the cat love only me, but that's just selfish. None of the cats at the local SPCA seemed to be the right fit for us, so we went out of our way a bit and went to a Petsmart about 45 minutes away from our home. Why not the local one you ask? Because we had already tried to adopt from the local one and the woman who runs the adoption agency adopted the cat we wanted right out from under us and tried to offer us a cat we'd not met instead. She was REALLY pushing this cat, which made me wonder what was wrong with it. So...yeah. It was heart breaking and difficult and frustrating to deal with her so we decided to go with another agency.
As we walked into the Petsmart, the kitties were in cages with hammocks (yes folks, kitteh hammocks) and were totally chill. E and I walked around, inspecting the kitties while the people in charge were talking to an adoptee family. There were all kinds of sweet furbabies, but one in particular caught my eye. He was dangling in his hammock like he was in some kind of kitty spa retreat without a worry in the world...and he was missing an eye. I am a sucker for the down, dejected underdogs (or undercats as the case may be) of the world. I asked about him and it turns out that he'd lost his eye to a virus much like hepititus that causes glaucoma in cat eyes. His poor eye got infected and they couldn't save it. *Sniiiiiiiifle*
That was it for me, I so totally wanted to meet this cat and get to know him better, so they brought us to a visiting room and we bonded for a while. He was all kinds of chatty and playful but not at all spastic. He kept showing us his belly to be rubbed and that about killed me. I wish I had brought my camera that day but I wasn't really in my right mind or something because I had decided to leave it home.
I have officially filled out paper work for him and am waiting to hear back from the agency ( Cat's Cradle for those of you interested). I could hardly sleep last night. I'm so excited! I'm wondering if it's excessive to send out adoption announcements to all my friends and family. Something that says "It's a boy!" or perhaps "Welcome our newest addition to the family!". What about balloons? I'm in full nesting mode. I feel the need to clean the house from top to bottom and remove all possibly, potentially dangerous things. I want to move delicate collections from high places where they can get knocked off, not for their protection but for his. Heaven forbid he cut his sweet little paws. His name is Daniel by the way. He has an adorable, loveable face.
At some point I want to jot down a few notes on the other cats we interviewed for the position because they were all funny and special in their own ways, but right now I need to go distract myself with paper goodies or I'll positively burst.

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