Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yes, I am still alive

Not only am I still among the walking upright set, I have also almost finished painting my foyer. It's a rather daring red with chocolatie trim and a brown/black ceiling. My multitalented husband installed a new cieling fixture AND a dimmer switch to control it. The man's a genius. I have also reinstalled the laundry closet doors, finished the clothing laundry, tidied up my office enough to be able to find my desk and computer, and put little doors on one of my cubby bin thingies. I'm feeling a bit accomplished. On the downside...my scanner did not survive the move. I'm really put out by this. I had no idea just how much I used my scanner until it went on the fritz. The scanning bar gets stuck and jitters around, causing unwanted but interesting results. BUMMER! There go a bunch of images for the craft book group on flickr I wanted to post. Not to mention some little stuff I'd made and some vintage post cards. Maybe I can fix it. Or even better yet, maybe I can find the instructions for making an "alternate dimension" camera out of it. I saw it done on a geeky tech show on TV and have since wanted to try it.
Using the scanner as a camera you "scan" whatever you point the thing at and apparently some really bizzar images are caught. I think that'd be pretty cool. Maybe I can swindle a scanner off my dad in a couple weeks when I head up to see him.

Ok..., lunch is calling and I'm really hungry...I'm off.

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