Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A place to rest my bones

A place to rest my bones
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As of this weekend, this will be my home. The home my little family will fill. The home that is not a rental. The home I will paint the walls of, hammer holes in, add furniture to. This is going to be my new address. I am the youngest member of my immediate family to own a home. Truly, it's a celebration.
And of course, in true Sasha fashion...I have strep throat. I can never have any wonderfully good news in my life without being sick at the same time. It's really amazingly predictable. The Dr.s say I should be up and running by tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to finish packing up some more boxes and cleaning up this rental. I'll be happy to shed it like old skin. We've outgrown it, and it's no fun to live in.

Hurray for us! As soon as I get settled again I'll be posting again. Can you believe it? A house!


Amy W. said...

is that Em??? i'm totally excited for you, Sasha! the house looks full of character, i love it! can't wait to hear/see more about it! enjoy the process! :>

Country Girl said...

The house looks fantastic, really big....

It is a real joy to have your own house, you can run around from room to room shouting 'mine', 'mine', 'mine'....

Good luck in your own home.


sherry said...

Congratulations! What a pretty house, too!