Monday, December 05, 2005

See, I HAVE been productive

Ok so I promised that I'd post some of the pictures of some of the stuff I've been working here it is. This is the Halloween wall hanging I made right before Haloween. Ok so made is an overstatement, I think I should perhaps say finish. I started on this about 2 years ago. I would always start working on it about 2 days before Halloween and of course not be able to finish it in time. This time I started it well into September and had it up in October. YAY. You can't see the little bats in the upper right hand block, but there are about three of them and they're adorable.

I also have some pictures of two of the little quilts I made, one is a lap/car quilt for Em and the other is a matching mini quilt for her dolls.
Holiday crafting is in full swing in my house and I have to say, I'm totally having a great time. I'm half way finished with the advent calendar I wanted to make Em (did I mention that I start projects a bit behind?) and a wall hanging for her room. I also have a wall hanging that I'm working on for the hallway. That one's nearly done as well. I keep those projects close to the couch so I can fiddle around while watching tv. I've been hooked on medical shows on TLC and DHC lately. I watch them voraciously, mostly because I'm so amazed by the human body's capacity to function despite major defects, be they genetic or caused by external influences. I can't wait to start nursing school next fall. It's gonna be great! I hope to focus on one of the three following fields: abnormal psychology, burn victims, or oncology.
I don't pick easy fields to focus on, because if it's not a challenge, I can't stay interested. When every day is a struggle to keep people breathing and hopeful, determined to live, that's when I'm happiest. Yeah the burnout rate is high in all of those fields, but I'm sure that if it's God's will, I'll excell.

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